How it all began

I’ve been writing since first grade. Over the years, I journaled and wrote letters to the people I cared about.

I am one of those people who simply communicates better via writing than actual words.

It’s a space where I can think about what I want to say. In this process, I learned to address my frustrations and problem-solve them in the process and through that created the change I wanted in my own life. 

I love…

… seeing people go after their dreams even when it’s scary and overwhelming.

… taking a risk on an idea and seeing how it works out and learning in the process what works and what doesn’t.

… goal setting and planning but also doing the work to make them happen.

Hi, I’m Petra.

An artist, creativity coach, partner, an all-boys mom (they are all adults now), and grandparent to four (3 girls, and 1 boy) located in Central Virginia.

I’ve had a lot of ideas in my life and continue to have them and sometimes that can feel overwhelming I discovered that planning and journaling helped me organize my thoughts and ideas.

But more than that, it helped me get to know myself and connect to parts of my story that felt broken so I could take ownership of my own life.

Because at some point in my life, someone told me I couldn’t. I can’t have the cake and eat it too and I need to get my head out of the clouds.

My education is have a bachelor’s in accounting and a master’s in mental health counting, and continuing my education as a creativity coach.

Over the past 5+ years, I’ve developed my method for setting goals and strategies that have helped me turn my ideas into reality.

Some other fun facts:


Sharing behind the scenes of planning and journaling others inside the pathmaker collective while drinking a black coffee dark roast at home in my comfy chair.


Empowering creatives and artists to achieve their most important creative goals by helping them to get clear on their desires, stay focused, and overcome procrastination


Creatives and artists who are ready to bring their ideas to life through planning, taking action, and reviewing while also handling the messy chaos in between through journaling.